Your Potential

You bring a uniqueness and a desire to be the best you can in healthcare and that is what sets clients apart. We want to take on the ideas and challenges that others may have said was unattainable.

Our Experience

We bring over 50 years of combined industry knowledge and experience to your organization. We have developed solutions in every area from pharmacy workflow to accreditation.

Maximized Success

From profits to productivity, we live in the margins. utilizing MedEdge Solutions, you will be able to confidently know you are maximizing these margins through proven practices and the latest in technology development.



Business Consulting

You have needs and you need experience people to help solve it for you. Whether you are looking to onboard a new Limited Distribution Drug to take your business to the next level, get your pharmacy prepared for accreditation, set up new pharmacy locations or need experienced operational help, B-Squared has the right person for the job.

Technology Consulting

We understand technology and the many options which are available to you to solve the problem. Let us work with your team to understand the use cases you are trying to solve and do the research for you. Get back to what you do best and we will do what we do best to bring you a better way of doing things.

Technical Resource Development and Training

If you have an internal development team or are looking to build them we can help. Let us be the trainers to help expand the way your team thinks about how to approach problems. Let us train your team on the data structures of your systems and then reap the rewards of their new approaches.

Business Intelligence Development

Whether you have an internal IT team or not you need your metrics at your fingertips. We can be your sole source of development needs or your augmented resource to help get you over the resource crunch for a short term. Either way, we are here to help.

Custom Software Development

Your business model is unique and your needs are as well. Let us work with your team to help build custom software from simple referral trackers to large scale enterprise applications. No longer should you have to limit your business to the functionality of your systems in place. Tell us you problem and let us present a solution to you.

System Conversions

Moving your existing data to a new system should not be a factor in improving your organization. whether its redefining your internal workflow software to adding on a 3rd part application to take your organization further, we are there to help move what is most important to you to the new system.

340B Management

Being able to save time and money is the name of the game. Our 340b services not only work with your clearinghouse, but we build to automate your solution so that you do not have to worry about the correct data getting to the correct place.

Controlled Drug Reporting

Staying on top of daily files for each state and their unique data sets and formatting is a full-time job within itself, not to mention sending 0-count files to states you may or may not ship to this month. Let us provide a fully automated solution where you can rest and not the data is being sent and is accurate.

Data Compiling and Delivery

We know you did not get into running a pharmacy to also be a data analyst. We can help identify crucial data points and create a custom solution to align not only your business but the data that drives your business to success.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Reporting

On average it takes 4 hours of an FTE a month, Usually management, per manufacturer to provide the files needed to simply get your drug rebates. Compound that by multiple drugs and business lines and you have quite a task. Let us eliminate the need to spend precious time that you do not have on something that can make or break your business.

URAC AND Other Accreditation Reporting

In today's market, accreditation is not just desired but necessary to do business across the country. We leverage our experience to lean in with you during and after the accreditation process not only to get you accredited but sustain your accreditations.


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